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For over 15 years, ConZOOlting has been devoted extensively to the feeding and nutrition of wild and exotic animals, giving solutions to zoological institutions as well as wildlife recovery and rescue centres, captive breeding centres for endangered species and private breeders. 


Besides the nutrition part, we also assist zoological institutions to adapt to the requirements of the European Council Directive 1999/22/EC related to the keeping of wild animals in zoos. We have worked as inspectors for some Spanish regional governments, and with this experience, we offer our collaboration and expertise to help other zoological institutions to meet the regulation. We can also offer assistance to obtain other acreditations like AIZA, EAZA, AZA, ALPZA, AFdPZ among others.


Training is another of our pillards. We organize and design training courses and workshops for zoo staff (like zookeepers, commissary staff, curators, veterinarians) adapted to your specific requirements. Besides, we have a net of skilled, specialized and well known collaborators and thus, we can assist you in almost any aspect of animal husbandry. Do not hesitate to ask us about your particular case, and we will send you a proposal.

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